Del Norte Nonprofit Alliance

Working together to improve nonprofit organizations in Del Norte County.

We are a membership-based professional association serving and advocating for the nonprofit sector in Del Norte County. Our purpose is to foster deep collaborative relationships across people and organizations, cultivate professional and organizational excellence, and hold a shared vision for our sector.



In 2013, Wild Rivers Community Foundation launched its first “Brown Bag Lunch” gathering for nonprofits after hearing that many of them were not connected to each other nor in relationships with one another. The lunches continued for a couple years but lacked deep impact on the sector as a whole. However, the lunches did provide a strong foundation for nonprofits to move from being in deep, trusted relationships with one another to actually working together to improve the health and well being of the entire nonprofit sector in Del Norte County.

Nonprofit leaders asked WRCF for support so they could better understand the current struggles and opportunities that Del Norte nonprofit organizations face. In the fall of 2016, Del Norte began a powerful journey toward change by listening deeply to the perspectives of local nonprofit executive directors, board chairs and community partners. The group found key insights that rang true for nonprofits across the sector and, together, they envisioned a brighter future for all nonprofits in Del Norte unified as the Del Norte Nonprofit Alliance.

With clear goals in mind to share resources and lift each other up, the Alliance applied for and received funding through BHC in 2017 to hire an official staff person to organize and lead the Alliance’s efforts from the WRCF office. The Alliance’s next step is to create “cafe” style back office support program in which members of nonprofit organizations can pick and choose the services they need, such as finance, human resources and grant writing.

To contact the Del Norte Nonprofit Alliance email Keri Mosey, nonprofit coordinator, at or call 707-465-1238


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List of Del Norte County Nonprofit organizations



We care about the well-being of our community and believe nonprofit organizations are critical partners in improving community healthy


Our nonprofits face limited financial markets, fluctuating funding opportunities and increased demand for services. Sharing overhead costs and eliminating redundancies across organizations helps our sector be more efficient and use limited funding dollars wisely.


Joint use of high-quality shared infrastructure builds organizations' capacities to deliver their services and maximize their impact.

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