Ways to Give


Gifts of cash are fully deductible (up to 50% of your adjusted gross income), for federal tax purposes. If your total gifts exceed this limit, the excess may be carried forward and deducted for an additional five years. Your check must be postmarked or hand delivered by December 31st to qualify for the current year.


Seniors 70 ½ years of age and over, can transfer their IRA distribution directly to charity. By going directly to charity, the money is not included in the IRA owner’s income and is not taxed. This preserves the full amount for charitable purposes. Ask your IRA administrator to make a qualified distribution to Wild Rivers Community Foundation. Click here for more information about giving from your IRA.


You avoid paying any capital gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. You also receive full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift. For income purposes, the value of such gifts, up to 30% of adjusted gross income, may be deducted and the remainder carried forward and deducted for an additional five years. If you prefer to use depreciated stock as a gift, sell it first and donate the proceeds to maximize your tax benefits.

Life Insurance

To receive a charitable deduction, name a charity as both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. If the policy has a cash value, you can take a charitable deduction approximately equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. Please check with your life insurance agent for details.

Real Estate and Real Property

Wild Rivers Community Foundation may accept gifts of real estate as vetted by the Board of Directors gift acceptance committee. Please email or call (707) 465-1238 for details.

Your charitable gift will support work that will strengthen our community.

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"When you feel that you have affected something 

in your community, you feel you have made a difference."

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