Summer Youth Mini Grants

Summer Youth Mini Grants

Summer Youth Program Mini Grants are available from Wild Rivers Community Foundation and Humboldt Area Foundation each spring. Nonprofit organizations in Curry and Del Norte counties are encouraged to apply by the deadline for funds to support programs that expand and enrich summer recreation programs for Del Norte and Curry County children.

The summer youth program grants are normally made for expenses such as sports and recreational equipment, arts and craft supplies, field trips and scholarships for low-income participants.

Past year's grant dollars created summer camp opportunities for local youth; provided food to children in need; and sponsored language and cultural education and activities, youth outdoor stewardship activities, summer reading programs, music and theater programs, and various community art projects.

COVID-19: Programs must meet the guidelines and restrictions provided by the California or Oregon Department of Health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Travel outside of the region for summer activities and camps WILL NOT BE FUNDED.

DEADLINE: 5 p.m. May 2, 2022


• Digital (pdf) application: Click HERE or the link below to open pdf form, fill it out, print and save a copy to your computer. You may also download this blank pdf form to your computer and complete it offline. Note: You cannot submit an application via this website. We recommend you attached a completed application (pdf file) to an email and send it to You can also print the completed application and drop it through the mail slot at our office at 990 Front St., Crescent City, CA 95531. For more information, please call us at 707-465-1238.

2022 Application 

Grant Criteria

  • Program serves a high number of low-income, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged youth
  • Program serves youth in an outlying area with few summer alternatives for productive activities
  • Program operating hours are extensive throughout the summer (i.e. every week-day all summer)
  • Program serves extremely high numbers of youth,
  • Program serves an at risk youth population
  • Programs that provide camperships / scholarships 
  • Programs that have multiple funding sources

Additional Funding Criteria

The committee may consider additional funding based on the following:

  • Organizations that provide a large number of scholarships to their Summer Program,
  • Organizations that have a Summer Program that requires no fee,
  • Organizations that make good use of available resources and/or collaboration,
  • Organizations with programs that provide developmental and not just recreational opportunities,
  • Organizations that request items that help ensure the safety of their program’s participants.

Grants to Organizations Serving Low Income Children Criteria

Grants to organizations that will be using funds to provide assistance for low income children will be weighted based on the criteria that is used to award scholarships. The Summer Youth Partnership encourages such programs to follow the California State Income Guidelines for 2015 as published by the Department of Housing and Community Development:

Annual Income Guidelines

Income Category

Number of Persons in Household







Extremely Low






Very Low












Grant resources are limited, so we ask that you apply for only what is sincerely needed.  This funding is stretched to meet the needs of as many valuable summer programs as possible.


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