Professional Advisor Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum dollar amount to start a fund?

A donor may create a new fund with a gift of any amount, however the Foundation asks the donor to increase the balance for an endowed fund to a minimum of $10,000 within five years before it can start making grants. Nonprofit/Organizations must begin their fund with a minimum of $10,000.

Is there a start-up fee?

There is no charge to establish a fund.

Administrative costs and fund minimums

In exchange for the services we provide to donors, the Foundation charges a minimum annual administration cost of $175 to maintain the fund. There are three exceptions: scholarship funds are charged 2%, organizational funds are charged 1.75% or 1.5% if the fund's balance is more than $1 million and the administrative charge is waived for Friends of the Foundation Funds.

When is the administrative cost charged?

The Foundation’s administrative cost is based on the fund’s average balance each month. One-twelfth of the administrative cost is taken from the fund on a monthly basis.

Services for funds at Wild Rivers Community Foundation

Wild Rivers Community Foundation provides these services for all funds.


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