Youth Training Academy (YTA)

July 1 to August 8, 2019

YTA is a free, six-week program that runs Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., for youth ages 15 to 24. Participants experience hands-on career exploration in one of eight pathways, working closely with experts in each area. They also earn a $500 stipend (and college credit in certain pathways) upon completion of program.

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This year’s career pathways are based on youth interest as well as the potential for future job opportunities in Del Norte County and Tribal Lands. The training academy is based at College of the Redwoods, but includes field trips and off-site work. Participants can select two potential pathways and will be assigned to one following an interview with program organizers.

How to Apply

There is a 3-step process to apply and enroll in our free, paid, six-week program.

1. Click HERE for online application.

2. Fill out the online College of the Redwoods application. Even if you have taken YTA in the past or taken CR classes, make sure to choose 1 of 4 College of Redwoods meeting times during your YTA online application to complete your CR application and appropriate forms that may include a high school co-enrollment form, high school completion form, or updating CR application.

3. During your CR application meeting, you will have two informal interviews with organizers of your two pathway choices.  These interviews are a chance for you to meet instructors, ask questions about the pathway, and make sure you can attend and participate in pathway activities. After your interview, you'll receive a phone call informing you of the final decision.  

Please note

There is no specific deadline for applications, but the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting the pathway you want.  There are only 15 spots in each pathway and we hope to have our program filled by the end of May. Applications will be accepted until pathways are full. Don’t delay, apply now!

If you cannot access our online application and need assistance online or getting a printed application, please visit us at Wild Rivers Community Foundation, 990 Front St., Crescent City.

 For more information contact YTA Coordinator Andrea Lanctot at 707-465-1238 or

YTA pathways


Spend the summer in the redwoods and on the rivers as you explore a career in local ecotourism! This hands-on experience is for youth interested in being outdoor tour guides and pursuing recreation-based careers — and get paid doing it! You’ll work collaboratively with land managers, how to find and share amazing eco-facts with guests, and how to maintain the bikes, boats and gear used for adventures. You’ll gain valuable experience in customer service and learn the basics of launching and marketing an ecotourism business.

Regenerative Agriculture

Grow your interest in gardening, farming or regenerative food systems into a potential career. Learn how local “food forests” are designed, developed and managed to grow healthier food while expanding community food access and restoring the environment. Get your hands dirty as you cultivate skills and knowledge about biodiversity, watersheds, wildlife habitats, landscaping and native plants — and become part of the next generation of leaders in the food movement.

Early Childhood Education

Transform your passion for nurturing and teaching young children into a possible career in early childhood development (ages 0-8). Learn skills and gain knowledge of CPR, mandated reporter training, health and safety, and physical, social and creative child development — all of which can be applied when working as a babysitter, at preschools, public schools and child care centers. You will earn 3 units in College of the Redwoods Early Childhood Education program that pays for your college registration, tuition and book. Each student will be employable through the Del Norte Child Care Council upon successful completion of this pathway.

New Media

Discover the exciting world of New Media where you can explore the basics of videography and podcasts with local professionals in the industry. Create, produce, edit and publish media projects while learning how to build an online audience, monetize content and earn money like a media-savvy YouTuber! Special emphasis is placed on storytelling, interviewing techniques, writing copy, editing software, recording gear and project management. Finished videos and podcast may be posted online or broadcast on radio.

Social Entrepreneurship

Do you want to address a social issue or have an innovative idea that can make a positive change in your community? Turn it into a reality with hands-on “Design Thinking” curriculum that provides the skills to be an effective, influential entrepreneur or advocate for social change. Use your heart and mind to conduct empathy interviews and define problems that affect others, and then brainstorm, prototype and test potential solutions. Take a proactive role to address local, real-life issues such as homelessness, bullying and social justice.

Health Careers

Explore health-related career opportunities as you participate in trainings, field trips and hands-on activities, and network with local professionals. Possible careers include nursing, radiology, pharmacy, respiratory care and chiropractic, and many more! Learn ways to improve your own health and well-being while developing the skills and confidence to pursue higher education and possible healthcare careers.

Community Organizing

Ignite your passion for helping others and making a difference in your community via social, economic and racial justice! Learn and practice the principles of community organizing as you help develop a real campaign to make change in Del Norte County. Acquire leadership, research, and communication skills that will benefit you no matter what career path you ultimately choose. Areas include: Understanding power, the arc of community organizing, developing campaign strategies, tactics and using various media to get your message heard. This pathway includes field trips, workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers, activities and classroom instruction. Be part of that change. Be a community organizer!

Health and Human Services

Learn how to work with a diverse group of people and help them with their physical and emotional challenges while exploring the full spectrum of health and human service jobs in Del Norte County. Gain knowledge of and learn skills related to  self-care, mental health first aid, suicide prevention,  CPR, mandated reporting, and positive behavior intervention. Get insight into potential career opportunities by spending time with staff at public service agencies and learn how to write resumes, cover letters and prepare for job interviews.

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